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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Love New York - A September 11 anniversary - UPDATED

I need to do a "shout out" to artist/cartoonist Michel Kichka. He was gracious enough to give me permission to use his cartoon below and in the process gave me 2 others. I will thank him by posting him as a "Guest Cartoonist" over at Toonage.  Go take a look, he has depicted the tragedy of September 11th in a very poignant way. 

It's strange how traumatic events continue to screw with your perspective. The World Trade Center attack after 10 years still seems like yesterday, if only for a second. Icons of my youth, whether they were places, or people, living or demolished, linger like a good song. I can't remember all the words or the notes, but the melody or the "hook" is still there, fresh as ever. Every now and then I like to look at images of the towers, but I can no longer watch another impact clip, or listen to any of the newly released recordings of the mayhem that day.. I hope whatever memory you have of the World Trade Center is a good one. I wrote all I ever wanted to about that day in a post 2 years ago...accompanying it was an eerie promotion piece I had discovered at a garage sale. The post is here if you want to take a look.
Whenever I am looking through the things I unearth and I see even the slightest depiction of the WTC or any era of New York before the new millennium, I will hang on to it. This post card I found features a playful caricature of New York around the time of one of the most successful ad campaigns of its day. The "I love New York" campaign, rejuvenated the Big Apple at a time when it really needed to dust off its image in the late 70's. This card has a lot of great pop-culture in-jokes for the period and detail which may be unreadable. I have tried to add it at as large a size as possible. Forgive me if it bogs your system down.
Click for a much larger version...I hope.
If you look closely, you can see way in the back is the World Trade Center.
The artist is Michal Kichka. He is a top notch cartoonist from Belgium now living in Jerusalem and his most recent work can be seen here. Thank you for creating this piece Michel!

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