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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Were Victorian-Era Women Dangerous? ...You'll get the point...

Since the Vitorian era is generally considered over by 1901 with the end fo the reign of Queen Victoria the fashions and behaviors seemed to stick around much longer.
There isn't much of this young lady revealed so that I can back up my assertion, however the hat, high neckline, and fore-arm length gloves seem to match the era. This card is actually showing a post mark dates of 1911. 
Click for a larger image
The provocative, almost "come hither" (and get skewered) look and title "danger" are indicators that maybe this was a time when women could be seen to emerge from their corsets and multi-layer dresses. Then again this could have been considered porn.  The letter is difficult to read but indicates that there was some wild New Year's Eve party and not everyone has recovered...or been found.  Think I might party like it's 1899 this year.

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