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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Danbury News 1861 - Would you store a Hippo in Hippodrome?

Every so often I have a "lucky" find. Right place right time. I have entered that same phrase into Google maps hoping to get directions but so far all I get back is: turn right at lady luck, then left to fortunate.
I must have tried those directions one day because upon request for old paper at a tag sale I was presented with this:
September 12th 1861. I know there are sites I can search that will give me any paper in America, but it is so much more fun hold the actual decaying fibers in your hand. There is plenty in here to enjoy, the old ads, opinions of McClellan as a leader of the Union army, and a letter from troops on the march. From a local History standpoint it was this that caught my eye:
It a good read right down to the description of the crowds' utterances.

Here are some of the ads common for the time, but the one up top is my favorite
It certainly is fun to lucky, at least once in a while.

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