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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rubber Garments and Hair nets! Constricting accessories of the early 20th Century

I admit I find some pretty strange stuff when looking through old papers I've found. I also may have developed a twisted understanding of fashion and fashion appliances of the era. Or maybe my assertions are correct - we were all into bondage in the post-Victorian era.
Is it me or does she look very uncomfortable in rubber? Read the center text: I wonder what the model looks like who is supposed to display the "whole-body" suit? I'll bet she's hot!  But it wasn't just rubber we were trying to use to capture women, it was also apparently okay to use a net.

I was at a Ridgefield tag sale this weekend and noticed a collection hair nets. I have seen these ads before but never expected there would be some still out there. I have no intention of collecting hair nets - if I ever start I am afraid that I will be hunted down by 2 guys in white coats carrying a much larger net. No disrespect to collectors out there - in fact, this is proof that anything is collectable. The owner of the home allowed me to photograph her selection of hair nets, so I now present to you the net total of my collection:

Worn mainly in the days before hairspray, women, who had spent so much time and money on their "do's" needed something to foil the elements and a restless night from undoing what had just been done. I found a great history of one captain of the hair net industry which is here. None of these, however include the name of the great hair net king Harry Glemby.

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