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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Great Moments in Marketing....Doggie Donuts

It was the 60's (Life Magazine 1967) - Free Love, revolution, Acid...oh, now I see where this might have come from.

ood ads donuts for dogs
With such a heightened sense of smell, where did they get the idea that this is what dogs have been waiting for? This could explain why I often see packs of roving domesticated dogs hanging around outside that donut place...what's it called?

I can see by other bloggers that I am not the first to have found this (darn!) but I did glean the fact that this product lasted into the early 70's at least - so what do I know? Maybe I will go visit one of those trendy doggie patisserie's and breath on the window. My apologies to any dogs and their owners that were offended by this post.

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