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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More from Candlewood Lake - The Brochures

 I seem to be getting a lot of hits on this post.  If you are stopping by today, can you leave a note in the comments where you found the link that brought you here?

If you are interested in Candlewood Lake, local history, or just odd things you find when you dig in a basement or attic...look around - there's lots to see.

If I begged you not to through out even what might seem like the most inane piece of old paper would you do it? Or, would you at least set it aside in a box for me to pick up?  These items were on their way to the dumpster. I headed them off thanks to nothing more than my freakish curiosity.
 I lived right down the road from Birch Groves in New Milford and I have friends who live there now.
Candlewood Isle like Birch Groves is still charming and retains all the reasons someone holding this brochure 80 years ago would be tempted to buy on the spot.

I lived in the Candlewood Lake Club for several years, also a nice place with a lot of amenities and some friends who make it seem even more tempting to move there.

This one below is what makes this a gem. clicking on it may reveal the text that says "Your kids with be able to hang out with the "Right Sort"....classic!

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