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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Changing your "old" ways

I wrote my New Year's resolution to honor the tragedy in Connecticut on 12/14/12. First, here is my take on how this happened - 

Society went to college, enrolled in "Humanities -101" and instead of studying for the final exam - hosted a "kegger" completely flunking Humanities 101.   Now we have 28 dead innocents and over 100 directly affected by this tragedy.  Nice going society! (of which you and I are members!) There is no "Make-up" there is no Summer school there is no choice but to start over again and get it right next time.  

You can make a donation (which you should), you can sign a petition (Yes, all of them!) but I am also going to make a promise that I can accomplish right here in my community, my neighborhood. It is called "The Pledge of 28."  I hope you will make it your New Year's resolution too.

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