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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ad Quiz # 25 Guess this and clean up!

Here is a vivid ad and a familiar face from commercial breaks from the 1960's. Are you old enough to guess the product?  Can you guess who she looks like from advertising today?  I can.

Okay, if you guessed (either to yourself) or like the commentators below you may have been waiting for  confirmation...well, here it is.
If you can get enough of Josaphine, here is a similarity I noticed (and alluded to above) to another well known spokesperson.

I think both of them are creepy and over the top, but that's really the idea of advertising isn't it? If it doesn't get your attention it won't sell the product. Odd but both are successful brands.
Whoops! Left the Comet covered up on the right side...oh well, Its correct up above. Did you guess correctly?


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