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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ad Quiz #26 Dad can't get to first base with who? (SOLVED!)

The advertising geniuses strike again! Look at this latest ad quiz below and see if you can guess the product (hint: it's a service). Now, because I believe that no ad was just thought up, designed, and then rolled it out on a lark... I have to wonder who came up with the lead text?:
 I'll reveal the company soon, in the meantime, do you think the bottom half of this ad will make the lead text acceptable? 

Is it the titillation of the double entendre? The girls against the guys theme, the image of a dad you don't want to be? - that was supposed to make this ad memorable beyond the glance from dentist's office waiting room? Or maybe there was no double meaning at all? Seems odd that if dad is the target why would he need to get to first base? Just because he's the "OACH?"  No, jimmy needs to get to the field so he can get to first base. 

When did "First Base" become a metaphor for the early stages of courtship? 
They emphasize the rest of the pattern of their use of baseball terms as a metaphor for getting things done with a busy family.  I would argue that the baseball metaphor for sexual conquest has been around as long as baseball and the ad executives knew exactly what they were doing.

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