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Thursday, October 17, 2013

...And Now For Something Completely Different - Parody Lyrics

Every now and then I get a tune, or some lyrics, or just the title of a song in my head while I am doing some daily task. In this case it was packing lunch for my daughter.  She asked me, and as the time of bus departure drew near she asked, "Where is my lunch?"  I responded, pointing, "There is lunch."

and that was all it took. I thought of the popular wedding song 'There is Love" and considered holy matrimony and the marriage of Peanut-butter and Jelly.  Here are the lyrics, with my apologies to musicians everywhere that might read these and say," That doesn't go with that! The meter, tempo and arrangement are all wrong! I can't sing this!" Well, if you can, let me know because I would love to hear it.

"There is Lunch- the Marriage of PB and J” (to the tune of “There is Love”)

It is now, the time upon you at the pang'ing of your gut
Rest assured this Prep cook can crush a berry with a nut
The union of these flavors, here, has caused you to remain
For when these two are gathered with some over processed grain

There is Lunch. There is Lunch.

When a grape shall leave her vine-age, and a nut leave his shell
They shall come together in an ever-tasty gel
As it was with every brand, if smooth or super chunk
Jelly spreads so easily and the other just gets stuck.

On the knife... On the knife

Well, then what's to be the name for these toppings mixed with knife?
Is it Lunch that brings them here and Lunch that gave them life?
Or if sandwich is the answer, then what're you waiting for?
Or is it that your mouth is filled with peanuts by the score?

Is there is Milk? Oh, is there milk?

Oh the meeting of these flavors has caused you to remain
For when you have cleaned your plate, it is SECONDS! You exclaim

That was Lunch? Ah, Is there (more) Lunch?

Words by Greg Van Antwerp

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