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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chain-driven, SteamPunk, Hand-held Mystery!

It's fun to go to a garage sale or estate sale and buy a box of junk, just to see what's inside. Most often all I've done is purchased someone's trash and paid them so I could throw it out. You might wonder what sense there is in that, until you find something you've never seen before.

Can you guess this gadget from the first look? I know someone can. Still stumped? Let's try another view.

Certainly there are gears and an axle, but what's it turning?
 Here's the reverse. Some copper pieces and what could be a single magnet arched over the top. More pictures? Sure.

The coloring is a little different due to my experiments using a flash. I didn't show a picture of the wire wrapped armature that spins around the axle. So, it looks like it was meant to create a charge, but for what device exactly, and what year?   If you have questions or guesses, please leave them i the comments. I gotta know.

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  1. Possibly it's a magneto which essentially is a form of a alternating current generator; it's purpose may have been for classroom instruction , or someone's hand-make model of a magneto.If you rotate a coil that's inside a magnetic field, alternating current is "induced" in the coil.


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