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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bad Christmas Ads (with Video)

Not everything about Christmas is good. Especially when it comes to advertising. I found some great ads that you'll never see again in mainstream advertising. The most obvious one is Santa putting a nail in the coffin:
Old Ads, smoking, Christmas, Santa,funny
In the "Night before Christmas" he is described as a smoker, but I don't think Lucky Strike is in there at all.
This next one is just a bold strike (and not a "Lucky" one) at the disparity between the sexes in the mid 20th century.
Old Ads, Christmas,funny
"Ha Ha! You're falling down stairs!" The next scene I'm sure has him putting on the shirts without all the pins removed.
My favorite is this one for Diamond Chemicals, who is proud to remind you:
"Chemicals you live by" and for the unfortunate "Live near." Makes wrapping those Christmas presents a true joy doesn't it?
Old Ads, Christmas,funny,

Here is a montage of many Santas to the tune of Art Carney rapping "The Night Before Christmas" It is rather odd, so be prepared. "Norton!"
Happy Christmas and wishes for a successful New Year!

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