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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

High School Football Highlights 1973

I know that not every post is going to mean something to everyone, and I know some posts aren't going to mean anything to anyone, but that isn't for me to decide. This is a football program I found a year or 2 back and thought it would make a good seasonal piece.
  I love the graphic illustrations representing both teams, especially New Canaan. So what if it's a football program? You can sell any sport you want in these pages.
Bob probably knew the hockey season was coming and just wanted to push his hockey center.

If you remember any of these players or were one yourself, you need to click on the image for something readable - or contact me and I'll send you a higher resolution copy.

More good local ads from businesses that have either changed hands, names or moved on. 
This last page is my favorite for its likely illegal use of the term "Super Bowl" and the expectation that Santa would be arriving in a helicopter. I hope no one was planning to drop him from it - "as God as my witness, I though Santas could fly!"

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