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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Men's Magazines You'll Read Just for the Ads Alone.

The covers are awesome too.

For just a dollar a piece I picked up 4 of these, at first, just for the covers alone. I didn't know the ads inside would be just as good.
Now, is this how he looks after taking the product we know today for treating athlete's foot? Might want to reread the label.
I didn't realize America had a Laxative Water, I know Mexico has one (my apologies for hanging the "Montezuma's Revenge" line out there for any of my South of the Border readers).

This illustration is one of my favorites

I would think that a razor that shoots fire would actually sell really well. You can't get a closer shave than the one fire provides.
Sounds like a lecturer bent on revenge, likely not a young Dale Carnegie.
It doesn't list "How to exact revenge!"
Here are a few more covers to show the skill level to which these were produced:

A little known fact about the The Elks (from their website): The Elks organization was founded in New York City on February 16, 1868 under the name "Jolly Corks" by 15 actors, entertainers and others associated with the theater. In ensuing years, membership expanded to other professions.

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