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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day: Icons of Service

This lead soldier is an analogy of my father. I don't know the military history of either. I found this during one of my digs and in a place that was likely never going to provide any background to its origin. Similarly, I barely know any of my father's military history. He served in WWII as either a navigator, or bombardier on the B-24 in the 15th air-force. 
He told me once of a mission in Italy: their plane was malfunctioning and losing altitude; as the cruised along the countryside they were able to see people inside apartments. The exact details of that story elude me now, but I was a young teenager at the time. I also know that he was given the Air Medal. 
I regret not having sat him down to record all his experiences while serving. Being that Memorial day is here, I get to thinking about my father and all the people who have and are serving, and wonder if they have relatives who wish the same thing. As I was pondering this post I tried to think of some of the random pieces of military memorabilia that I have not posted and the one that came to mind was this:

It's only a little cotton bag measuring 4" x 5.5" empty with only the printed face to go on as a clue. I finally spent a little more time researching it and was finally able to solve the mystery. It was a sewing kit issued to soldiers for making repairs in the field. It seemed an odd thing to call it and "Army Housewife," as I understand it, the Army does not have a sense of humor. I learned of this item through the detailed story of one man who did sit down and write of his experience in WWII, from leaving high school, to training, and finally leaving the service and returning home. Though it is rather long, it gives a terrific first-person account of what it was really like. Read it here!

Thanks to all members past and present of the armed services for your contribution to America.


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  1. Greg, I just discovered your blog today, from my neighborhood Patch. I will save it as a favorite and intend to visit often. It's a great blog!

    I also am interested in anything "old" or older, from another generation. Over the years I have inherited many items from grandparents, parents, in-laws, etc. Many items I sold on ebay because I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away. Before "recycling" these items, as I like to call it, I would research the origins and that was part of the fun of selling. Also, I felt that I was added to someone's collection since I realized, there is a collector for everything!

    So, best wishes for success with the blog. I love it!


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