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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Take a 70 year Train Ride on the Feather River

Trains deserve a better place in history, not that they aren't looked favorably, or lovingly upon now. Every time I see an add for railway service, or see it depicted in a movie, I look at it like "Yeah, I would do that, I would travel by train."

Resurrecting a local line is discussed every few years as gas prices increase and traffic increases, but the conversation seems to come and go like a train traveling through a station complete with the Doppler effect "wwwweeeeeROOOOWWWWeeeeeeerrrrr"  

I found, still in it's brown envelope, a large floppy commemorative book someone might buy to remind them of the trip they took, or the one they want to take.  A 1944 picture book of the Western Pacific Feather River Route.

First, the book has clearly never been looked at and likely never saw the light of day.  The images are as bold and bright as the day the were printed.

The paper is a heavy bond and the images are pasted to the paper.  They claim to be photographs, but I suspect they were painted and reprinted. This was a shame because the images lose something in the translation, but not much.

Each image comes with a description about the place or geography of this San Francisco to Salt Lake City run.

The history of this railroad is interesting and you can look here to find out that it is now owned by Union Pacific, and was a line built to compete with another companies' rail line. The two were truncated after being sold to Union Pacific, but are still there.

Have you ever taken a ride through this area? Would you? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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