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Sunday, March 29, 2015

A fridge Too Far…or not

 In the basement of a well-maintained Bethel CT home I found this technological anomaly.  A 1950 General Electric Space Maker Refrigerator - it wasn’t pitted, or rusty or even smelly. It was running smoothly and quietly, it was shiny inside and out and it was keeping things cold. 

The owners of the home told me it came with the house. I appreciated even more when they happily showed me the original booklet that came with the fridge.

I got a kick out of the mother and daughter both dressed the same and no males anywhere to be found. Ahh the Madison Avenue marketing machine in full swing - painting the picture of a perfect world, although maybe an unbalanced one. Kathy, who shared her wonderful appliance with me went one better.

The receipt looked as though it had been torn out of the store’s book only hours before I arrived instead of 65 years ago.  I marveled at the price of the unit…

In 2015, this would be equivalent to approximately $3000.00 (US).  Seems like that appliance should last into the next millennia at that price. I may have over estimated, when I looked at the receipt closer I realized that he had purchased to other small appliances that day and the salesman did not itemize the prices…interesting. Maybe it was a package?

Finally, the fridge had one more surprise to reveal. Look inside:

Retro Coca-Cola!  Well, a 60-year-old coke in there would have made my day, but at least the owners have a sense of historical accuracy. It may still be for sale if you’re interested and at less then the original price - if you know how to haggle.   

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