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Monday, June 8, 2015

The "Our Gang" Kids - Fantasy Vs. Reality

I grew up on a steady diet of rerun comedies from the 30's syndicated for the after-school crowd because it was cheap, and perfect. The settings and messages were magical because at 40 years old they seemed other-worldly at least to this 10-year-old at the time.
It wasn't until I started digging in the past that I could clear up some of my own misconceptions of how things were. I found the image below when I purchased a pile of old photos and the correlation between what I remembered from those days while glued to the TV set.
Jimmy's looking pretty good, actually a little surly, but definitely confident on his gravity-powered machine. A little different from the posed shot of the group above, which I don't remember from the series.

I think as Spanky got older the series lost some of its innocence and better characters. I will leave you with this video of one of my favorites, even though I am really a fan of all of them. 

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