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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Beer Belongs...1947 Illustrated ad

Here is another in the series of the "Beer Belongs" campaign. This was the first one I posted.  Brought to you by the US Brewers Foundation. The illustration, an awesome work of art from Douglass Crockwell is titled "New Beau."
This introducing of new beau to dad is going to go smoothly once mom brings out the beer. In just a few minutes they'll all be yucking it up and feeling like all is right with the world - thanks to beer. The new couple may just be allowed to sit together closer on the sofa.
An interesting note about the illustrator - who created many iconic ads and Saturday Evening Post covers - his style was his own, but his name was so close to that of Norman Rockwell's that you won't often see him sign an illustration with his full name. Note that the above ad is signed just "Douglass." Read more about him here.

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