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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Grandma's stash wasn't safe even in the late 19th Century!

I found a grand illustration titled:
"Grandmother's Snuff Box #100"
It is from a well know printer of the era named Abraham Le Blond.
The depiction is grandma about to walk in on the kids in the middle of raiding and experimenting with her "Snuff." Named by the Dutch Snuff gives a quick nicotine "high." It should not be used by the kiddies.
If you look closely, the kitty wants nothing to do with it.
All the studying I have done would have me believe this is a Baxter oval. George Baxter (1804-1867) printer/illustrator had his work licensed by Le Blond who also acquired more of Baxter's prints after he died. I think this is one of the reproductions. However, as good as this is for it's aged it is rather beaten up, but the clarity and the color are pretty good. Le Blond was not considered by Baxter aficionados to have done justice to Baxter and the reproduction of his prints. You can read a rather long book of information (even Baxter's" death certificate!) by clicking here.

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