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Thursday, March 31, 2016

An Italian Immigrant Family Grows in early 20th Century America

There's a lot being said about building walls these days, fortunately it's only being said by a minority of people, which only results in creating a wall around themselves - problem solved!
Here's what a wall in the early part of the 20th century might have prevented -
It might have prevented me ever seeing this image of a young couple, though Poppa is of indeterminate age, and their daughter. These are Italian immigrants who came to Danbury CT. While here they got jobs working in garment manufacturing.
Is that Poppa? I can't be sure. With at least one family member working they could grow their family
It looks like at least 5 years have past and the family is filling in nicely with a new baby, but somewhere in there Mom got a job in the same business
That's daughter number 1 in the back and mom in the foreground, not a sweat shop but no one looks terribly happy except the daughter. Being that both parents had steady jobs maybe they were able to grow the family further?
Yes! Another three years or more and we're now a family of 5. That's progress. Unfortunately, the estate I picked these up from showed no indication that this family grew further or expanded into the present generation. The youngest, a boy, may be the only surviving member who was unable to take the family mementos. This means they might have ended up in the dumpster or in a box with several other random families photos. My friend Justin from Just-In Antiques and More in New Milford knew I would take care of them and set them aside for me to discover.  I have more from this collection that I plan to share - even some correspondence that I am working to have translated
If it has any historical significance I will share it. If it is personal I will let it stay that way. Check back for updates.

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