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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Photographing Strangers Seemed So Innocent in 1959.

The Beach at Tower Isle, Jamaica was as much a paradise in 1959 as it is today, maybe more so. This is a brief series from a large collection of 35mm slides that I was given (or they would have been thrown away!)  I am looking through these to see if I can capture some nostalgia from the period. This series includes the notes from the photographer. (Captioned below each and click for larger image)

Sunning in Jamaica

Photographer: "I don't know who she is but I fell in love."

Sunning in Jamaica 2

Photographer: "Ditto."

Sunning in Jamaica 3

Photographer:  "She caught me taking her picture so decided to pose."

There's probably more to this story, maybe with the photographer ending up with a black eye, or maybe it was innocent enough that nobody cared?

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