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Monday, September 5, 2016

Obscure Cinema Presents: "My Dear Fellow" (Russian "Dorogoy Moy Chelovek", 1958)

My love of illustration, film and old paper came together in this discovery from a box lot of papers purchased at an estate sale.  Advance warning: I can't reveal the whole story of this film because my research has hit a few dead ends. I can share this promotional program which may have accompanied the films release in Germany.
I had some fun trying to translate the title. I did initially find out that this was a Russian film released in Germany, but just trying to get an americanized title out of those 3 words was a challenge. Google translate, although an awesome app had me believing this film was called "My Beloved Canteen" Then it seemed the title was "My beloved Man." I am going with "My Dear Fellow" which is a loose interpretation according to a thin IMDB listing.
  The were both so young...or words to that effect.

If you can add to this or the IMDB post, I think you would be doing society, and certainly me, a tremendous favor. 

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