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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Found in a book from 1890.

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I know some pretty interesting people. This piece of paper would never have been discovered if I hadn't called upon a friend, Kevin, who advised me to buy the book that contained it.  He knows a a thing or 3000 about books from the Civil War era and I knew to call him about this one. Saving that book for another post, but upon inspection - this is what I do - I found this little scrap of paper, which I thought was rather neat for what is says of the two-party system. 

Proof that some things never change. What I enjoyed was that it can be read to mean either something big for the GOP or something bad. You could really interpret it either way. 

One final note: Although I found this in a book from 1864, this paper was from 1890 or later. One clue, the paper is accidified, browned fragile. If it were from 1864 it would more likely have been made of rag paper, insted of wood pulp. 
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