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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Two worlds collide again! Art meets Archeology

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Two worlds collide again! While traveling to March Farm in Bethlehem, CT to pick cherries with the family, I happened on another good pick. When you ride through the hills of Connecticut you will eventually come across the make-shift yard sale. Sometimes these are just home goods and toys - the typical we-have-too-much-stuff sale. Every so often you come across an old farm property where the stuff they have too much of is very old.

This day it would be the latter. With a little convincing I was able to bring the family trickster to a rest and assure wife and daughter that I wouldn't be long. This was one of the few times where I could be close to honesty regarding their wait time. While I could have spent half an hour, it really only took a few minutes to take it all in. The grand prize was a table full of farm journals from the 1930's.  I wanted all of these for the ads alone, but managed to hold off and chose just 3.

The Famous Artists School was a Correspondence course in drawing, Cartooning and other skills- the founders were actually famous artists, illustrators, cartoonists in the biz. I have the over sized set of binders that hold the course work and every now and then I find something else from there. Born out of the Artist colony in Westport CT they also published this magazine quarterly. This one is from 1959 and features an illustration of Westport on the cover.  I like it.

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