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Saturday, February 24, 2018

This map of Florida is gold!

#travel #oldmaps #Florida #ephemera #vacation #Cuba #precastrocuba #urbanarcheology
The map of Florida is gold. First, it’s Florida “PD” ( pre Disney), I mean it’s likely late 1940s and Walt was only just thinking of the names of the “Shell” companies’ names he would use to begin buying up property south of Orlando to keep from drawing attention to his master plan. This stitched image is a tiny taste of all the great little illustrations of sun and fun activities in each part of the state. What image of Florida travel would be complete without reference to Cuba as a real destination for Miami vacationers? If only these maps could be loaded into a time-machine and take you back... where’s my typewriter? This is a Sci-Fi story I have to write.
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