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Thursday, November 15, 2018

TV Nostalgia: Hee Haw!

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The kids won’t appreciate the fact that on Saturdays in the summers of the 1970s we didn’t have hot and cold running Internet. We had to take a bucket down the corner of the house, turn it over so we could reach the antenna and tune in “Hee Haw!” Sure it was fuzzy , but it was all the entertainment we had, and we loved it. It’s true, this plank - before moving on to a musical career -had its own dark past whacking ladies’ backsides- and though no harassment suits would ever be brought forward - we knew we were all guilty for laughing every time it happened. I saw this and resisted but relented by snapping a shot. Now to hear that we lost the other co-host of Hee Haw reveals a sad reminder that the past is really past. Rest In Peace Roy Clark - you were all we had and once upon a time that was enough.

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