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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A Connecticut serviceman’s contribution to the Second World War.

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I am preparing this exhibit of a Connecticut serviceman’s contribution to the Second World War. I picked this up at a sale going in New Milford in which the entire contents of the home are up for sale. I’ll be presenting this as part of my presentation tonight at the Bethlehem Connecticut Public Library at 7pm.

 This is sadly too common a site where veteran’s records and personal experiences are potentially lost forever.  The family is often not in a position to take on all the possessions for the older generations. They must be sold so the family can move on.  I can't take on the full responsibility of archiving, but I can resume and restore these things so current and future generations can appreciate the life history at a time when many were required to give all.

I hope that by shining a little light on this veteran and these pieces of history visitors will see that they deserve more than just a featured spot on the auction block. Thanks (again) to Justin Krul of Just-In Antiques at the Brickhouse in New Milford, for giving me the opportunity to find and preserve this.


  1. To be clear for other readers, that is http://www.bethlehemlibraryct.org/ not the New York state library of the same name that pops up first in the google search


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