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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get a load of these double D's!

OK, so when attempting to pun, maybe I dip a little too low sometimes. I really can't resist. I guess I should have gone with NO Charge! as the title. I was just lacking the capacity to choose the positive over the negative pun. (insert audio rim-shot here) . One day, when I can get the whole blogging thing together I will invite my readers to be guest bloggers, not only because I am lazy but also because many of you share my obsession and present me with your finds saying: "Look what I found!" or "Here, I saw this at a sale and thought you might like it." Hell's yes!

I have to thank my friend, John Hatch who presented these Eveready "d"s to me in just the way I described. I have tried to find earlier images of the "D" cell, and information. It seems that the "D" cell was invented in 1898 for a hand held torch. Talk about type casting -111 years later the "D" cell is....still going. I am amazed and thankful for the dates on the side, I thought this was a fairly new feature added to batteries and beer to encourage consumption and promote freshness. The miracle is that these haven't leaked after 62 years, pardon me while I find my volt meter to see if they will hold a charge.


  1. Love it! Where do you keep all this stuff? It's fascinating... what a subject for an intern - taping your storage space...

  2. Can you say PCB's....


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