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Sunday, August 23, 2009


I will forever be infatuated with optics. From telescope to Microscope and anything in between. I just admire the precision and the light bending ability to make far... nearer, or near... even nearer. Not to mention the other cool things optics do for us, I also enjoy the compactness of design that goes with many of these things. I am always on the look out for the flip-out fold-out twist lock and click transformer like design that makes these things true gadgets. Case in point:
Sorry for the soft focus, but, ahhhh! good old PH Glatfelter, they sure now how to make a magnifier. With a name like Glatfelter, it has to be optically delicious. But wait, there's more!
This was sitting on a table at a New Milford sale, and though the box was in bad shape I, or anyone else can recognize the name of the manufacturer. B&L makes a quality product.
As opposed to the first viewer, this one has a nice, heavy feel to it, the 3 sections fit/fold together nicely, and the quality of the glass is excellent. We have found a 100 uses for this, around the home (mostly hunting down splinters), and despite its near antique (no idea, really) condition I don't think any home should be without one.
The final one is this tiny brass viewer, unfortunately with no markings. I like that it is a scaled down version of the other two, and it has a nice piece of glass. Each of these viewers were all referred to as linen testers, though not always purchased for that purpose.

I would like to know what this smaller one was originally designed for. It is quite small but definitely not a toy.

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