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Sunday, January 31, 2010

IQ Part II

Here is your second chance to see how you might do on an IQ test.  This time, if you would like to play along, I will provide the questions or problem to be solved and then  post the answers tomorrow.  Ready to play?

Before we start I will sweeten the pot by saying that the first comment posted with the correct answers (and the most intelligent ones) will win a prize.

What is missing from the following Images below?


Very good!  I feel beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are locked on to the answers. Now, try this next one, called, Similarities.

In what way are the following similar?
  1. Orange-banana
  2. Dog-lion
  3. Coat-suit

Wow, you really are impressing me.  Unless you were trying to find similarities between dogs and banana's (Dr Freud will see you now)  Now, here is another picture order card set.  The following five images when placed in the correct sequence, tell a story.  Rearrange the cards and write down the correct sequence. Once you have your answer I challenge you to submit it in the comments.(Click to enlarge)
Just to show you that I am not trying to keep you in suspense (completely), I will show you the answers to the "Similarities" after the Jump.

So, how do you think you did?  Well, if you did any thinking at all I am sure you did fine.  The worst thing you can do is over-think your response, or the problem's solution.  Remember Occam's razor: The simple explanation is usually the best one.  Sorry, for a second there I was feeling really smart, but it's gone now.  Anyway, here is a page out of the answer book, take a look and see how you did:(Click to enlarge - the image - not your score)
There are about a hundred other test questions, puzzles, and word associations before you can really get an idea of your IQ.  That is, if you care about that kind of stuff.  After tomorrow's post and the answers to today's IQuiz, I'll be back to the hunt for more oddball essentials.

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