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Monday, February 1, 2010

I.Q. Test......Answers!

Well, if you are wondering why I am about to give out answers to an IQ test, you might want to read the previous post first. (I'll wait.......(foot tapping)......good!) Okay, here is the answer to the "What's Missing" images:

Sorry to any "Twilight" fans, but the man in the picture is not a vampire and should have a shadow.

This one was a little more difficult because it was a busy image and you may not know what purpose an oar lock serves.  Well, if you were to say that sometimes life has you going in circles, it was during those times when  you were missing an oar lock. 
Here is the answer to the Picture Arrangement:

That's 41352.  If you didn't get that answer, don't worry. This "story" has 2 other acceptable sequences as well: 43152 and 14352.  My answer was to rip up 1,5, and 2 and just lay down 4 and 3 as the sequence. Mother always said, beware of women in large hats. "Just tell the driver to keep going." She'd say.

Next time:  Go see the Flag Pole Cafe! Saturday February 6th, and just in time for the Super Bowl: Fishing Tackle!

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