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Monday, March 22, 2010

Dig Report 3/20/10

There were several estate sale listed this past weekend, but I couldn't hit them all.  Sale'ing is not an alternate source of income (though someday I should make it one), nor is it an all consuming obsession. Leaving only a window of a couple hours on a Saturday doesn't give me much of an opportunity to bring home more of the treasure that may, or may not, be out there.  This is probably why I don't deserve the "hoarder" or "Pack Rat" label.  My "stuff" grows like weeds in a brick walkway, a little maintenance is all it takes to keep it in control.    This weekend's take is a good example of that. (note to readers: While I would like to keep from inciting your inner sensibilities, sometime I will post items that you may not find appropriate. Click away now before it's too late!  This Disclaimer Hath Ended)

I was going to call this post "I went to the Shriner's convention wearing nothing but this sexual harassment suit." but that was too long. I like a sign that gets right to bottom of what's for sale.  No need to list the details, just "Contents." and there's nothing better than a good basement:
I'm noticing that a lot of these digs, have had a "sportsman" theme.  From the Hunting and Trapping items in an earlier post to this one.  There must have been a period in the 40's and 50's when everyone did some kind of "livin off the land" mostly for sport, but some for income.  The map to the left is from 1936 and only its condition kept me from asking, "How much." This basement was owned by a gunsmith, or at least a guy who packed his own shells and bullets. It was also very clean, and very cleaned-out. There might have been more items there but the clutter was tidied before the sale began. Too bad, I'll bet there was some local history there.

I searched through every drawer and hardware box in that peg board-filled workbench and eventually did cpme up with the thing that didn't belong...or did it?
 This novelty coin coin was a gem for several reasons, the detail, the location, the poor taste, and the fact that I am dying to know it's age and who made it.  It may be possible to guess from the clothing, the thin tie the hairstyle, but how many of these "artists" were looking to keep it in the "now?" I would say late 50's early 60's.  Can't find another like it on the internet.  The reverse is what makes it priceless and tasteless at the same time.
I love it, and the clear copyright symbols on both side. The woman almost looks like Jackie Kennedy, and the guy could well be your uncle Bob, you know, the Shriner. I found what I was looking for, but kept looking just in case.  My side kick was happy discovering the deadly Lawn Jarts, that were the acid test for her common sense.  When I explained them to her she sensed the danger and moved on to something else.  I inspected the ceiling for anything tucked away and after pulling down a couple of table tennis nets, I found this:
To me this was one of those things that you were either too young to buy (but really wanted it) or you too old to buy, because you'd moved on to something else.  Uncle box probably was right there at Halloween ready to scare the neighbor hood kids.
  If you've never seen one, the placement of a coin on the top activates a mechanism which causes a skeleton arm and hand to reach from under a coffin lid and pull the coin it with it.  I got a kick out of the morbidity of someone writing UNICEF on the box and a couple of places on the bank as well.  It had seen better days, but AVA loved it and I told here to set a price, and if it was over we'd haggle, and if it was way over we'd leave it. We agreed on a dollar and our price was met, the coin was tossed in for free.  We didn't have much time, but as brief as it was, I think we made the best of it.


  1. Hey - you ever get any info on that coin?
    Paula C

  2. No, still searching...know anyone wearing a hand-buzzer, whoopee cushion, or squirting flower? They would know.


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