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Monday, March 1, 2010

Finger on the Button

For someone who claims not to be a collector, or a pack rat, it does seem as though I have a lot of different items.  One theory could be, that when I am out looking, hunting, digging, I am not interested in any one item, the thing I am collecting is the hunt itself.  I may just be looking for an experience, and adventure - and if I am unsuccessful - an excuse to escape from a chore, or the mundane.  What I return with are the touchstones and amulets that freeze the memory for me, hopefully, forever. Now, if you think that's the only reason I dig, well at least give me the benefit of one more dimension. Sometimes I come across stuff that I think is cool, or amazing, or just unique, and if I am really lucky - important.  I didn't intend to spill my guts, but this is what blogging is about. Try it.

As I scan a sale I am often looking for the thing that doesn't belong, an item that got left behind.  A good friend of mine once told me: "Buy jars or boxes of sewing buttons, because you never know what may be in among them."  Now, unless you want to get stuck with a load of buttons, you may want to temper that advice with the state in which you find the buttons. Looking through dress making items may not be the thing you want your family to catch you doing, but gold is where you find it.
  This pin back button was in a sewing kit, actually a small make up suitcase that had sewing items stored in it.  The detail of the photo, unfortunately, brings out a false impression of the condition. It is just 3/4" in diameter and circa 1939.  Nothing benefits from being shot so close.
It is an old piece and it should look that way. In real life the colors are slightly muted which really accentuates the character.  
In honor of the "Equal Time" mandate I give you the other candidate:
Neither "Willkie" button is in as good a condition as the FDR, but then again that's how history played it out. The 2 Willkie buttons were found in a desk drawer. I didn't have to buy the desk to get the buttons.  I often go through the drawers in nightstands, wardrobes, and desks to see if anything was left behind.  Wendell Willkie, was not the winner in the 1940 election, but he did do well enough that FDR made him an ambassador and WW worked to support FDR's policies. You can read more about him here.

Finally, I have the last button, in my "collection". This came from a box of buttons, which were part of another sewing kit.  It's amazing how finding something like this puts all the denial of ever doing it again completely to rest.
Ahh, good old Tricky Dick.  I have mentioned him in an earlier post from another piece of campaign memorabilia.  There really isn't much to say.  These buttons all have a special place in my collection.  I am not about to go and look for more, but if they find me? I'll keep them.

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