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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do Republicans Really want change?

When I go hunting for a story on the weekends, I have to admit, it is not the obsession I make it out to be. It's really all about prioritizing time management. I am a husband/father first, an employee next, then after a little sleep comes the urban archeologist.  The few sales I do hit need to have the kind of aura I am looking for. No, it's not a certain color, it's something else.  It might be a single item, or might be just the way an assortment of items has been cast around a room, letting me know that there's something in there.  Sometimes I just have to settle for the weirdest thing I can find.
Republican change purse

Case in point: What is this? I didn't know, but it is leather and 2.5" x 2.5" square. Inside, there is a sticker that say's "made in India."  The top is cushiony and most prominently is the GOP symbol stamped or branded into the red leather. I couldn't help but use this post's title as my way of approaching the owner to see if she knew what it was.

Being that it was a change purse, my opening line got such a good laugh from the owner that she gave it to me. Unfortunately, she didn't know anything about it's origin or how they had gotten it.  If you have ever seen one of these before, please leave a comment

Just to make sure my blog is not misread as favoring one party over another:
Billy Beer CanBilly beer can
Jimmy Carter was one of Dem...so I guess his brother must have been one, too.  Though after a few of these, well, a party's a party, right? I once had a medium sized beer can collection (read: it took more than 5 boxes to store it) and although I've parted with it, there are a few I had to keep.  My father scored this one for me, back in  '79 and even popped it from the bottom to save the pull tab on top.  This is probably a beer that should never have been brewed at all. Visit the Wikipedia page for a few more dismal facts on this meager brew.

Thinking about it now, maybe this was not the best prop to even the playing field on election day.  Then again, an empty purse VS. an empty beer can?  Hmm, the party's over and there no one to pay the piper....come to think of it, I have equally crashed both parties!

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