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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Droll, Very Droll

While I am out looking for the Holy Grail, or lost copy of the Declaration of Independence, I commonly look for items that might actually be useful in our daily life. In fact, because I sale so consistantly you might hear me ask, "Looking for something?"  Why? One, it's another excuse to go hit the sales,two, you are more likely to find something when looking for something else. Don't believe me? Try this experiment. The next time you lose something, instead of stressing over finding it. Begin looking for something else. Trust me, once you relax your brain is no longer worried about an exact match for the original item. Looking for something else actually widens your percepted subconscious field of view and you become more aware of your surroundings.  Did you just ask me what my Degree was in? Well, I know I got a BS in something...Anyway, I have tried this at estate sales, and it works.
The box of medical equipment I found this summer is a good example. It wasn't even in plain sight. A few Saturdays ago, AVA and I were at a junky, repeat sale; I was hoping that she wouldn't see something she had to have, and then I noticed something from the list of things to look for:
A Bird feeder is the kind of thing that can turn a bland backyard into something visual and useful. We have gone through numerous feeders thanks to the elements and the squirrels. Of course, if I wanted something lasting I'd have to pay for it.
$99! for some plastic and a bit of metal?  The right item at the right time on this day was only $2. Click on the description for a larger image.  I had seen Droll feeders, even one at a tag sale last year that was $85 and I couldn't believe it then. This wasn't the "spinner" which launches rats with good PR (read: squirrels) into space.  I had found the "whipper" the only feeder that uses S&M to keep the squirrels at bay. Actually, the perches are spring-loaded to only allow birds the size of cardinals to sit. Any larger (like those damned Blue Jays - hate them) and the perch gives way and bye bye big birdie.

So, the moral is: Be careful what your not looking for; you may find it, for a couple of bucks.

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