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Monday, December 27, 2010

Cover Up! It's cold out there

Wow! If you ever decide to start blogging...don't ever stop! It is not unlike joining the gym - good for the body and mind, hard on the wallet and schedule. The experience I have had so far is that blogging is good for your Soul-cial life (pron. soul-shall), but it's not hard on the wallet, unless you're sitting on it.  It's not much of a work out either, unless a repetitive-motion like typing, or point-and-clicking is performed often enough to raise the heart-rate before it causes carpel-tunnel syndrome. My lament is that I was hoping to finish the year with 150 posts, but that would mean I needed to write 8 more entries this month!  Not likely. Looking through my collection, I found that I had only a few December-themed items, and then I remembered her:
I found this is in a box of magazines I picked up a while back, and as magazine covers go, it caught my eye. Maybe I'm naive, but I expected  the image to be from an adult magazine, but then by the title (and a little research) I discovered that this is a woman's fashion magazine. Pretty racy for 1936?  This might seem perfectly fine for today's check-out aisle tabloid, but I don't see the same woman of 1936 targeted by this magazine being anything but shocked...which may be the key. But then, what do I know about impulse marketing? ...other than the title of 99% of my posts!
This magazine, who's history I can not uncover, features fashion and lifestyle for the mid to upper class lady. Its condition is poor, but the shock value is gold. The edit staff even made their own cover the subject of an article.
(Click for an almost readable version of the article) I love the trumped up interplay between the editor and his staff. Neither argument seems to involve that both of these covers may be showing more skin than is normal for 1936. A riot in a teapot is more like it.  I am sure they were hoping for a riot at the magazine rack. I don't think it ever happened, but I am surprised that I can't find more than just a few other covers around the web.

The real reason I brought this issue up has to do with a breif review of the hot toys of the season (present cover excluded)...which will have to wait until the next post.

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