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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Triscuit...a Taskit!

Found this a few weeks ago in a book, in an attic, in a farmhouse, in New Milford.  I wasn't looking for it, but I found it and bought it with a small lot of items (to be blogged later).  I like old advertising schemes and gimmicks. The Triscuit is another of those products that seems like it has been around forever, actually since 1902. I couldn't find the origin of the brand name, though I suppose it is a mash-up of "something + biscuit" possibly 3-layers of shredded wheat (never counted - same problem as the tootsie roll). This insert follows a pattern for many products from this era (early 20th century) a contest placed in a box appealing to kids or moms was a good way to engage customer's in a "soft sell" and see who's buying and from where.  
For school lunch with butter...hmmm and we complain about sending kids to school with processed meats. Of course, I like butter (it's the other white frosting!) almost as much as I like Triscuits. I have to read the contest over and over again...it looks like the idea was to keep eating boxes of Triscuits, until you have collected the whole alphabet, paint them, and then send it in to maybe win a prize. I guess in the days before radio there wasn't much for kids to do, so this would have been another activity to keep 'em occupied. A $100, or even $10 dollar prize would have seemed like a small fortune.

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