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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ad Quiz #1: Guess the product SOLUTION

Thought I'd offer up a small challenge:  Here is a piece of a magazine ad from 1918. Look it over and see if you can guess the product. I will post the solution tomorrow.
Hint: it's from The Country Gentleman - Kinda like MAXIM for the early 20th century man - but not really. Sorry for yelling, but CLICK ON "READ MORE" FOR THE ANSWER!!!

This is another, "He dug, He saw. He scanned." ad from a long time ago.  Directed at the gentleman (or not so gentleman) farmer. When managing your forty acres and your mule this might come in handy.
 I can't get enough of the tag line - "The Safest Explosive"  Oxy-Moron gold!

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