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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Day Late and a Valentine short....

I wanted to do a themed post for Valentine's Day but of all the paper I have, there's not one good corny ancient Valentine's card. We'll there probably is, but I can't seem to locate it. With as many posts as I've done, I am starting to forget what I have put up on this blog.  Somewhere there's a great Disney card where Mickey professes love for Minnie...it's here somewhere. I did manage to find this vaguely related theatre program which I would say - fit's the bill.
There's a date somewhere in here, but if you take a look, like I did, you'll decide that it doesn't really matter. The program information is buried nee surrounded by ad after ad that promotes a much gentler time. I will talk less so you can gawk more (click on images for a larger view) Can you guess the year?
Uh oh! Next attraction: Minstrel Show! Not quite PC, but look above at the stove ad "6 holes" fully guaranteed - "Honey, that one is nice, but this has 6!"
Ice cream, Beer, Fish, Whiskey, and Boxing gloves, that sound like the perfect combination.
If your gonna chew gum...make it White's Yucatan gum.
But wait! There's more!

I begin to notice that there are a few businesses listed here that are owned by a "Richter" and then I notice that there is a "Richter" on the executive staff of the theater...I'm just sayin.
The ads just keep getting better...
Almost near the end, but I couldn't resist scanning them all...
Did you determine it's age?
There were several hints, but the year is 1902...I think. Last page, the back and the only other color page. Happy Valentine's Day!

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