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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Found photographs: Are these your relatives?

Among the various items in a box of old paper, there are typically curled, creased, and faded photographs.  Depending on the era, the photo subjects are no surprise. 40's era papers brings people in military uniform, and images of the loved one or loved ones left behind. I don't look for these images, nor do I want to, as they bring that guilty reminder of the photos of my family that I should take better care of.  Though, with the collections of paper and photos I have, I wonder how anyone would figure out 100 years from now, who were relatives and and who weren't. I better start labeling.  Unfortunately, no one labeled the group of photos below. I posted them because they are some of the oldest "snap shots" I've seen. See if you can guess their age and location:
Well, a bird in the face is worth...

One little Indian boy, with an odd half-sleeve undershirt.
No lifeguard on duty. This is a great period piece because of the style of their swimsuits.
Looks like an adult had to strip down to pantaloons to make sure the kids didn't get washed away.
This one is my favorite because there's enough detail to try and play detective. You can click for a larger image, but I had to stack magnifying glasses in order to read some of the writing on the buildings.  Way in the background is a building sign "Rudolf Mosse" and a quick Wikipedia search describes a successful German businessman-philanthropist who built an advertising business before anyone thought to. This is possibly Berlin and by the clothing it is anywhere between 1890-1910, from my guess.

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  1. How good are you with dating old photographs? I have quite a few that i picked up an a Cape May estate sale a few years back. They are mounted to cards that contain the photographers names and locations, but in all of the internet research I have done I cannot find out what years those places existed. I would appreciate if you could help me out!


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