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Monday, March 7, 2011

Got a Cold?...Kill an Octopus!... It's just that simple!

Maybe I am milking this poor edition of Pictorial Review, but I just can't help it. Just when I think I've picked out the funniest ad...another page-turn reveals an even better ad.
Look at that poor helpless cephlopod...Quick! Bash its brains in before you get the sniffles!  I love the lead pipe approach to quack medicine. I supposed that any page turner back in 1935 would see this monster and immediately need to read the text below it. For brand identification, however, this is it. The rest of the ad is all text with no brand, product, or tag line, just lots of enticing text. The product is:
Then why don't they say: Grove's Cold & Flu Bromo Quinine tablets? Huh? These days flushing out your sinuses seems to do the trick, but in 70 years they may well be laughing at my text.  This next passage is the first of four things this product will do for you:
What witch doctor would ever admit that this is an advisable step?  Unless the old adage goes "Run to the bathroom for a cold and dehydrate a fever." I would rather suffer through the cold.
Augh! Can you not use pudding and Laxative in the same sentence, Please!  The visual is enough to never make me want pudding again.  Maybe this product was around for 40 years, and maybe it did some good when it started out in the 19th century, but I am guessing that this was its final year. The Octopi and I are breathing a sigh of relief.

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