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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Fun Night Out in 1855? That took some Brass

Well, maybe one Brass Ball.  How did some of the items I found survive this long? I don't know. I'm only glad they did. I have found and keep things much longer that their condition dictated simply because the date was visible. This invitation (which may be better viewed if you click on it) has a heavily embossed design around the edges that really has no right being in the good condition it's in.  Another pile of old papers, and this piece popped out.  
I contacted the Corning, NY historical society hoping to get some kind of back-story to share with you. They were nice enough to confirm that "Yes." I am in the right city in 1855, but details on this group will have to wait until they can dig deeper. I may research the names of the "Managers" (What did they manage... other than the floor?) but would only expect to find several streets named after these earlier settlers in Corning. My family and I often spend time in the Finger Lakes region of New York, and have actually been to the Glass Museum there. It is worth the trip. If we go again, I'll walk up to the Historical society with  invitation in hand, and donate this artifact for their collection. It's safer with them.  

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