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Saturday, April 2, 2011

We now pause for this Prison Break!!! (Found Photos)

There may be no way to properly set this post up.  A box of old papers can turn up all sorts of mysteries. Every now and then there are photos with little or no explanation. I can usually make something up because without anyone to verify or confirm - who's to know? I would, of course, provide a disclaimer with my story, so as not to unintentionally change the images' history, but it sure is tempting...
There should be enough of a description here to lead a good detective to a full explanation and background. I am stumped. It's likely that the numbers were assigned on a prison-specific basis, before a state or national registry was created. Cell 12 and 26 Company sounds more like a military facility, however, the officer is referred  to as a "block" officer, to little to go on there. This wasn't the only set of evidence pictures -
Apparently this prison was full of opportunities for the inmates...to escape.  My guess is that by now the place is empty. 

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