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Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Support of the Arts

As you can tell by the title of this blog, I haven't exactly settled on what I am going to write about. Sure, it will likely be Urban Archeology (read: treasure hunting) See! I did it again! I took an ambiguous phrase I coined and used another ambiguous phrase to describe it.  Truthfully, If you've landed here because of the many odd items, gadgets, antique document, or other miscellanea I have found (or created) you will also get a text-full of my observations and rantings about the shiny (and not so shiny) things that fascinate me.  I thank you in advance for sticking with me, even through this paragraph/disclaimer. 

"An artist's life has so few rewards."

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So there I was last Saturday, with my 7-year-old partner in crime trying to catch the vibe for which way the best tag sale might be.  We were really on our way to the fist annual arts festival at Harrybrooke Park in New Milford, CT.  If you don't know about this park, you are not alone. It is a 41 acre private/public park for New Milford residents left decades ago by an eccentric millionaire linen manufacturer, who built the property for his wife who died of cancer before they could fully enjoy it. The Home and estate have been preserved and cared for through money he left in trust. Money, which is now dwindling because of the poor economy. The local lions Club and several other New Milford-ites have formed a committee to maintain and preserve its beauty and its usefulness by raising funds through events, such as the Arts Festival, held at the park May 14th.  

Amethyst and I stopped at a sale, which didn't quite have the vibe I was looking for, but it did have items that both I and my daughter pondered over.  We left, to her dismay, with 2 promises - that I would think about what she wanted,
My partner and I got to make art too!
and that we would come back later to see if it was still there. At the Arts Festival, we enjoyed visiting several booths and watching the many performers.  The team from my new favorite arts & literature magazine The Newtowner were there and presented poetry by the falls. Amethyst especially liked throwing a flower into the water to join in the Blessing of the Still River. She, like any kid, will throw anything into a moving body of water. She was spoiled by ice cream, and sand art, and even got to play on the playground and draw with chalk. The weather held on this Saturday in the middle of a rainy spring, but unfortunately, so did the crowds. We left after making one more go-round.

As promised, we returned to the tag sale and even though I prayed for rain, or for the object of her affection to be gone - it was still there, and now belongs to her. Where do you keep a 2' x 2' complete Playmobil Pyramid play set without angering your wife? I guess in the same place you hide the full sized artist easel that was also still at the sale.  I love to draw (read: doodle), but I questioned my purchase because it is so damned complicated to unfold this thing that it almost intimidates me.  But when I asked an artist friend at the Art Show how much these things go for ($70-$120), I knew I would get it if it was still there when we returned. It was still there, and for $10 I couldn't pass it up.
 This will be supporting my art as soon as I can sneak it out of the garage, past my wife, and into the house.  Please consider clicking on any of the links above and supporting the arts (or a place for the arts) as well. And don't forget about the Flagpole Radio Cafe Tonight!

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