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Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Mothers Day!.... Let's Pick on Mom!

I have to chime in on the whole Osama thing...or is it Usama? ( You say Usama! I say Osama...Let's call the whole thing off! ) Anyway, after seeing several Networks portray the whole event, or whatever part of it they could get their hands on to portray...Enough!  I don't care if he was living in Pakistan, I don't care if the Pakistani leadership, or military knew...or some knew..and some didn't...but should have.  I don't care about the the picture of his corpse. I don't care about the video of him watching himself on TV, or that he dyed his hair to improve his image (whom did he need to impress?)  I don't care if this will guarantee Obama his re-election, or that it would have tanked it if the Navy Seals had done another "Jimmy Carter" in the desert. The news is so formulaic now that it is possible to guess what will happen next and how the painfully few network "voices" will portray it. News is best consumed like the items in a bakery; a little from each shelf in equal amounts, and then some from your own kitchen...and then don't consume any more News for another whole week. You'll feel better, trust me.

Sorry, that's as opinionated as I will get on current events...and now for something really old:

Here is a stellar example of why we need a day like Mother's Day...no, not because we need to keep money flowing to the confectioner's and florists in the nation - there's Easter, birthdays and anniversaries for that. Somewhere in the past an advertising executive took the idea that women should be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen and added: ridiculed by thoughtless loudmouth spouses.  There! That oughta sell more product!
I feel so bad after reading this that I am going to surprise my wife with something regular every day. A soft voice, a warm smile, and respect for how well she is raising our daughter...despite my thoughtless loudmouth behavior.

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