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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gadgetland 1958! The Tag Sale Inventory of Tomorrow!

The catalogs of "Kitsch of the Kitchen" have been around for a long time. They are a good example of of how to market cheap stuff that most people really didn't need.  These catalogs with their cute titles and sometimes humorous descriptions made for an entertaining read. How do I know they were successful? These items were targeted for that select M.A.G.M. demographic (Mom, Aunt, Grand-Ma). Take a look and see if you don't recognize something you own, grew up with, or have seen at a tag sale.

  I will be taking orders for these items....just as soon as I get the time machine going again.


  1. Hey, I remember some of those! We had them for years until mom updated to more modern items. And they're not all that. For instance that hard plastic "professional quality" pizza cutter she has does not do nearly as good a job as the old fashion stainless steel one - plus loads of cheese sticks to it. And I miss our mini ice cube trays.

    I recently bought some old Tupperware from the 60s at the Salvation Army - the orange colored ones. Mom asked if she could use them. She finds them so much easier to open then the modern stuff, plus it does a way better job for storing sugar and flour then the modern crap.

    Also a can opener that also opens twist top bottoms? YES PLEASE! Actually, in all seriousness I'd love to have something that opens modern bottles like water ones that can be carried in the purse and are make for people with sever arthritis. Mom can't open bottles by herself anymore. I think she'd like to have that because it would give her some independence back.

  2. Seeing the ashtrays up there reminds me that it's been a long time since I've even seen one. Ohio banned smoking in all indoor locations other than residences a few years ago, and even home-smokers are often seen smoking outside on a porch or in their garage.

    There used to be some pretty innovative designs in ashtrays...there were some that had a hinged compartment underneath that would swallow the butts and ashes, there were "smokeless" ones, restaurants had some that were too big and heavy to steal, ashtrays that stood on the floor, and wherever you went on vacation, souvenir shops had ashtrays that told everyone you smoked at Niagara Falls or Wisconsin Dells or Rock City. Somewhere in this house (I use that phrase alot, huh?!) is an ashtray from the 50s or 60s that is a real tire, about 6-8" wide, with a glass ashtray insert with the General Tire (I think) logo printed on the glass. Used to be great fun when I was a kid.


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