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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Out to Lunch

This post is for the kids. A lot of what I do is for the grown-ups, but what about the younger set? What do they get? Well, back in the 60's any self-respecting manager of an Hawiian NCO club on the grounds of Hickam A.F.B. would need to do something...or lose the non-coms with wives and kids. Kids menus in restaurants always have the things they love, but few went as far as this odd menu.
Cute enough, though I don't know why there's just a girl on the cover, or why she looks like a boy.
An astronaut meal without freeze-dried, dehydrated anything! and not even served from a tube! I'll pass.
Same goes for the Flipper Special. If the Flipper on that plate wasn't "faster than lightning" then he can't be that fresh. ( can you sing the words to "Flipper?")

Someone was willing to take a shot at Fred, but not Mr Magoo? Or Herman Munster? Talk about chicken on the menu! I think I'll try to forget this meal with a good stiff drink! The Roy Rogers was cola and grenadine syrup with a maraschino cherry. Can anyone tell me what was in the "Munsters Delight?" Hope it wasn't ketchup.

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