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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ad Quiz #13 Solution - Andy Warhol knew the answer all along!

My tribute to Andy's visionary view of Pop Art.
It was 49 years ago this month that Andy Warhol's famous Pop-Art "Campbell's Soup Cans" made their New York debut. At the time this exhibit was not immensely popular and raised more eye brows and questions about its viability as art. However, the simple raising of the argument combined with his other works established his place in the Pop-Art movement making him one of the highest paid living artists at his peak.
  I have to admit that the can's simplicity and visual appeal doesn't immediately allow you to dismiss it as "just a can of soup." I grew up on about a thousand cans of this brand, so maybe I am a little biased. I got the idea for this post from a needlepoint magazine I saved from the trash. Needlepoint doesn't usually grab me, but the year of this magazine did - 1929. Couldn't let it go.
This ad was born around the same time as Andy was, so it's possible he was imprinted with this image from the beginning.

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