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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who Shot JFK?

I don't want to spend too much time memorializing JFK, he was a charismatic leader who surrounded himself with people he could trust - family and so-on. Unless Oliver Stone and so many other conspiracy theorists are correct - then I would retract that statement and say that he may have done a very poor job surrounding himself with people he could trust. My opinion of the presidency is now as it would have been in Kennedy's time -it's not a job I would ever want.

I do like coincidences, and it was only a few weeks ago when I discovered this in a pile of papers.

What would have happened if he had ducked, changed the route, or not gone at all?


  1. Ever see the British sci-fi show, Red Dwarf? In one episode they save JFK only to find out the world has gone to crap with him alive. When JFK himself finds out he should've died he goes back in time and kills himself from the grassy knoll.

    Everyone seems to worship the guy siting all the "good" he did. However, he was not a good guy from a good family. His father is the one who taught him and his brothers about womanizing - and had their mentally handicapped sister lobotomized once she started showing interest in sex so she wouldn't "embarrass" the family. The oldest brother stayed in Germany for awhile and wrote letters praising Hitler. They all hated Jews, blacks, etc and only reason JFK did anything for civil rights at all was to get votes. Otherwise he would've probably have liked to reestablish slavery.

    Kennedy's were a bunch of butt munches. No doubt that episode of Red Dwarf basically had it right.

  2. Interesting thought. I've had them myself...What if the bullet had missed? There are two good JFK "alternative history" books out...I just ordered this one:


    Just released this month is another "what if" of the Kenney era by Steven King:


    To a certain extent I agree with the commenter above, that the Kennedy family were no angels...I think they were a creation of the muckety-mucks in the news media clique, the Kennedy PR people, and a hot wife. And I think Teddy was one of the most despicable American politicians of the 20th century. But there's no denying that a) the Kennedy family made an imprint on US history from WWII to Teddy's death, and b) JFKs assassination (as well as RFK & MLK) changed the direction the US was taking, domestically and especially internationally.


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